Saturday, February 26, 2011

A very special gift and a very special visit

Look what I received in the mail from Molly at Birdie Blue … she mailed me the actual card of Fluffy !!   THANK YOU so much Molly for your generosity !!   (I have identified another crafting “need” a decent scanner.)

Now about the special visit ... an absolute motherload of treasures (overload) !!

In my search for cute, chubby faced, big eyed, kids, I happened upon an Etsy shop physically located near my hometown.  I contacted her (Elizabeth at Grandmothers Attic) and she allowed me to pick up my purchases up at her house.  A sweet young lady, greeted me on the front porch of her wonderful victorian home, invited me in, I walked through the door and literally froze in my tracks !!!   Oh MY GOSH !!!  Absolute heaven !!!  I have never, never, ever, ever, seen sooo many wonderful treasures (antique malls included) under one roof !!!  If Elizabeth doesn't have what your looking for I bet she knows where to find it!  

I had asked her if I could see some of her other books, and oh my ... there they were at my fingertips the cute kids I've seen in so many places in blogland; I was overwhelmed with big eyed kids from the 40’s ... cute overload !!   She and her husband spent quite a while talking with me and gave me a tour of treasure filled rooms in their home (I couldn’t focus for gawking, too many sooo many goodies, lost all restraint, just made a fool of myself !!)

I came away with this book, but she has another one in her Etsy shop it’s wonderful !!   I'd post the other goodies I bought, but both cameras have dead batteries … I know, I know  I’m going to have to do better if I’m going to hang out with you guys !! 

Stop by Etsy and visit Elizabeth at Grandmothersattic or her blog
my disclaimer J the above is personal observation without solicitation or compensation 


  1. So glad you stopped by today! I love the same big-eyed children. That whole time period just "speaks" to me. I think you and I could do some major damage at a flea market! Blessings!

  2. I'm so glad you got to stop by last week! It was so fun to visit with you and share stories! Have fun crafting! I can't wait to see what you create!