Friday, June 21, 2013

Bad news:
June 2003: diagnosed with cancer
3 rounds chemo - Taxol
30 radiation treatments
2 surgeries
6 more rounds chemo Adriamycin/cytoxan
18 months recurrent cellulitis etc etc etc ....
lymphedema with therapy 
spontaneous fracture of port-a-cath, sailed into and lodged in right side of heart and had to be retrieved ...
(oh yeah the husband ran off with an angel of mercy)

But HOLY COW !  
Good news: 
TEN ... 10 years later I am alive, have no detectable lingering damage or disease, and doing what ever I want to do ... to celebrate I am making a pink cake ... 

Blessings to ALL who have made or are now making the journey ... 

Thank you GOD for the many blessings and thank you Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center !!  Have a great Pink Saturday !  E