Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Ertls and Ertls" of Best Chritmas Wishes

Well ...  ERTL's or oodles, which ever you prefer.  Yesterday I found this tiny ERTL 
(brand name) collectible at Tractor Supply (oh how I love the Tractor Supply)  and today it's new Christmas decor.  It joins my hippo under glass from a couple years ago, a tribute to my favorite Christmas song "I want a Hippo for Christmas".   
 and Santa and Mrs. Claus shopping for a new '57 Ertle
I plan to make a Santa Barn or two I've made several and never kept one for myself  :)
tutorial here:

I've been on a blogging and crafting hiatus for months, lost my mojo some how, I do like to recycle Christmas photos, so I made my cousin a shadow box using the card she sent me with her kids pics ... she boo hoo'd  I think that means she liked it  :)  
bad angle but you get the idea

Last April (April) my daughters "boyfriend" asked for her hand in marriage ... I cried, we hugged, and it was to remain a secret until the ring was in hand ... the boy agonized over ring styles and choices (he did good!) but finally in October he proposed.  Between both of their schedules I feared I would die never seeing them marry !!   He also wanted the proposal to be unique and special and agonized over the "how to",  so finally he asked if I'd help ... if you knew me, you'd be saying "how on earth did you manage to keep your mouth shut for so long???" Whew it was hard but once given the reigns I ran ... so I've spent much of my free time over the last few months making "it" happen.  It turned out beautiful.  We managed to keep it a surprise.  Here's a couple pics.  To get the pics a very sweet photographer, with permission of the "boy", crawled around in the dark and got a whole bunch of great pics !!   Wedding date 10-18-14  in Nashville, and the church is booked !!
I am a faithful reader of blogs, and follow many, so I am lurking in blogland and on pinterest.  Who knows when I will be on here next, but until then, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   Elaine