Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Prayers Are With You

“O Lord, my God grant us your peace; already, indeed, you have made us rich in all things! Give us that peace of being at rest, that sabbath peace, the peace which knows no end.”  
St. Augustine

I graduated from nursing in 1970 and began my career in a “new” area of the hospital called the Intensive Care Unit.  Nurses working in this area were “trusted” to care for gravely ill people; even “allowed” to take blood pressures without a doctor’s order !!  So much has changed … and some things never change. 

During the early years of my career I developed a philosophy that I believe still rings true … “if you aren’t sick when you get here (the hospital), you will be when you leave”.  A month ago my Aunt Chob entered the hospital for a “simple” out-patient CT scan, had an allergic reaction to the contrast dye, and has since struggled to survive.   

My 40+ years at the bedside have taught me that “there are far worse things than dying”.  I’ve cared for countless people who barely cling to life, yet we (health care) continue to probe and prod them.  So after a life time devoted to caring for ill and injured people, I’ve come to the conclusion that one of God’s greatest gifts is a peaceful death.  My prayer for my dear sweet 83 year old Aunt is that God will give her peace.  Thanks for “listening” 

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious o you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace”. Numbers 6:24-26

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

Don’t you love vintage pull toys?  I remember having a bunny similar to this one (I found this one for sale on etsy at stuffcarrielikes).  In an attempt to “organize” I’ve been throwing away, giving away, burning, and burying, “junk” for the last several years. Recently I’ve started to regret the parting of ways with some of those treasures!  Sure wish I had my bunny!

The Easter swap at Sandy’s is nearing and it took me a while to process and get started, but think I’m finally on a role.  Here’s a peek at some of the supplies I'm using on my project … (shhh it’s a secret).

A wonderful image from Elizabeth (Bluebird Papercrafts), wooden clothes pins, wooden doll pin stands, wooden dowel, ribbon, glittered eggs, and embellishments.  I'm pretty excited about my first swap, and to see what everyone creates !  Happy crafting!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Love letters with a twist (a download)

Is this just the cutest idea ever  ??!!  

Tutorial and Download HERE:

…and now you may kiss the bride … Do those words make you smile?  It seems love is in the air all around me … Congratulations to all the young couples celebrating this exciting time !!

I discovered blogland as an escape from reality when my daughter was hospitalized with an eating disorder. Oh the places I could go in blogland!  Beyond the wonderful community of crafty women (I dearly love my blogland crafting friends!) I also discovered fabulous event planning sites, particularly wedding sites. I’ve been “doing weddings” for friends since I was a teen. I love all the details!! 

I continue to follow a few of the wedding blogs and thought I’d share some of my favorite sites in the event you or someone you know is planning for the big event.   

Here’s a few things I learned from my many hours of “research”: 1) weddings are expensive!, 2) you can have a really nice wedding without breaking the bank, 3) It’s easy to get caught up in details and forget what’s important, and 4) When my daughter or niece get married I must hire a wedding planner if only for the “day of” otherwise I will be one “crazy MOB” (mother-of-the-bride ! 

Enjoy !!!

a personal favorite

serious eye candy

List of top bridal blogs a great resource especially for the bride looking to express personal style 

of course we all know that Martha has a ton of DIY ideas and downloads

loaded with wonderful ideas

great tutorials

Here are a couple local brides I’ve been following, they began their blogs by sharing their personal experience and continued after their weddings.  They offer great budget savvy advice.

(click “my wedding” for her personal tuts) I love her traditional style

Traditional wedding with a country twist, very nicely done

Now a tiny plug for our local economy – Nashville Wraps is an online store that has great wrapping products such as tissue paper (ever so popular now) and favor bags, boxes and ribbon.  (We use their products for work related projects)

PSA (Did you know that someone with an eating disorder can have a normal or elevated BMI ?  If you or someone you love has “disordered eating” (ie: too much, too little, restricting type/amount/frequency) please seek help ( February is national eating disorder awareness month.