Saturday, February 12, 2011

So this is blogland ?

I've been following several wonderfully talented women for a while.  I've been motivated to begin a blog as a way to connect, share, and acknowledge the talent and generosity I encounter along the way. 

I can't think of a better way to start than by saying thank you to Paula Clare for hosting the all night NYE craft along.  Being new at this, (and a pea brain) I had no idea what a "craft along" was or "how to" but jumped in.  A good time was had by all, I managed to stay up until I think 5A-ish.  Next day I checked in on Paula's blog, and seems she gave away a prize and I won !!!  Here's what I won

What a fun collection !! Thank you Paula for the prize and hosting the "craft along"

I refuse to grow up, so I took Mr. Garden Gnome (from my prize collection) out to play in the snow

but he ran way  .....  (I think he's headed downtown to play music, think there's a jazz group he'll be sittin in with)

Thanks for stopping in, I hope to see you in blogland !!  E


  1. YEAH! Look at you!!! You will love blogging. I met some wonderful new friends. As soon as I clear out some old blogs that I'm following (yes, I follow waaaay too many blogs) I'll add you to the list. Congrats, have a wonderful Sunday, Nan

  2. What a wonderful first post to remind us of the fun we had that night. I began to get goofy about 1pm but held on to the very end. I adore Paula Clare and am so glad she inspired you to begin your blog. Can't wait to see your craft projects! Elizabeth

  3. Oh, I am so glad that did it too! It is so much fun to share and be with those who have the same in common. The gnome is such a nice place to start as he marks the spot. Wonderful to have you stop by and even nicer to have you join the community. Smiles from Kansas...Renee

  4. Oh how cute, he ran away, oh I think he'll turn up with snow on the ground he's probably going to get cold. I really loved your banner you did for Sandy, fantastic !! And welcome to the world of crafty women and blogging.

  5. ELAINE! HOORAY! Welcome to blogdom! It's truly a fairyland full of wonderfully talented women and a great deal of friendship! SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE!

    Gnome in the snow...hilarious! teehee