Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day !!

Look who I found !!!!!!!!   Oh my gosh after months of searching for this little guy I ran across him late yesterday.  How fun to find him for Valentine's Day.  I found him on a wonderful site called Birdie Blue *vintage love*.  Her site is filled with lots of eye candy please check her out.      Hope everyone has a good day !!   E


  1. Elaine,
    I recieved my Valentine banner today and was so surprised! Thank you so much and Happy Valentines Day to you too! Sandy

  2. Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging, I am sure you will enjoy sharing all your creations and visiting us all all the way. I will add you to my list of Blogs I follow~ Hugs from Diane in California

  3. Happy Valentines Day! Wow...are YOU the one who made Sandy's train banner? HOLY COW woman! HOW can you say you're new to this papercrafting thing?!?! It's utterly GORGEOUS! Fantastic job cheering up our dear friend as well! You go girl!


  4. Hi Elaine! Me again! Just wanted to let you know I've posted an introductory post inviting my readers to come and check you out over here at the Hollow...expect visitors!

    Oh! And would you post pictures of the banner you made Sandy somewhere? I've been raving about it!

  5. HI elaine! I recognized your little red wagon from your messages on flickr! Is this the same little kitten youve been looking for? It surely is cute. Nice to see you here and looking forward to visiting more.. And.. OMG!! your freaked valentine train is SOOOO AWESOME!! I love it! anyways.. welcome to blogville!

  6. Good morning, Elaine! So wonderful to meet you...welcome to this lovely little Blogworld of ours! Just found you through Paula....

    Love your sweet little Valentine kitty--glad you were able to find it!

    I'll be following along...hope your day is fabulous!


  7. Expect visitors, and here I am. I hadn't gotten to Paula's blog yet, but I popped right over from Sandy's after seeing that fabulous Valentine Train Banner you made for her. OMG! It just took my breath away, soooo cute! I hope you're addicted to paper crafts like the rest of us, because I sure want to see more.
    I see I am about to join some good company when I hit your 'follow' button... Welcome to the neighborhood!

  8. Good Morning Elaine..and Welcome to the Neighborhood. Blogville is filled with so many fun and loving women.I know you will enjoy this new adventure.
    Thank you for stopping in at my house.I am so sorry I haven't sent you a thank you sooner.I am not in my routine right now..I am living with my oldest in Oklahoma while her hubbie who is military ia overseas.I hope to be back to my home and nornal routine sometime in March.
    The train you made Sandy is precious!!
    And I heard on the news a Gnome was on stage causing a rucus..would he be your gnome?

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  9. Hi, Elaine! I LOVE the kitten valentine you posted - another cat lover here :)

    The Valentine train banner you made is just so precious and creative! What talent!

    Will enjoy following your new blog. I've just recently started one of my own, but so far I'm only posting pictures from swaps - trying to put together a photo record, although I could just use Flickr for that! Maybe I'll get into "real" blogging later on.


  10. Welcome to the best place in the world (besides the garden)! BlogLand has the best friends ever! If you like the color red, come on over to "Rednesday", which I host each week at It's A Very Cherry World! (

  11. Welcome! I was welcoming you away and all of a sudden my computer decided to start doing *updates* so.... there I was waiting until I could hop back over and say hi. I'd love for you to come and follow me too. Have a wonderful day new friend. xoso Sandy O

  12. Thank you guys for the warm welcome ! Please excuse my learning curve with the bloggy thing I just figured out what adding a "gadget" meant and the how-to... yeah ! Also I have some longstanding security issues with my computer and it wont allow me to open many of your blogs ...errrr ... so I'm not ignoring you just need a new computer according to the fix-it folks they can't seem to figure it out ... so for a while I'm stuck. Thanks in advance for hangin in there with me. E