Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pleased to meet you !

 ... and what's up with the red wagon?

I am thrilled to meet each of you and wanted to introduce myself.  I’ve been “stalking” many of your blogs for months, and I feel like I “know” you, so I deemed it only fair to share a bit about myself …(fyi this is a little long … hard to condense it I’m old !)  

I’ve been a crafter for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite memories is pasting  images onto paper at Vacation Bible School.  I still love, love, VBS …I will travel to help with VBS! 

I have vivid memories of gluing the fabric aprons onto this project at VBS 1955.

I was a member of the Peppy Peppers 4-H club; claim to fame here is a champion ribbon at the local 4-H fair for a gathered skirt.  Championship projects were sent to compete at the Indiana State Fair, where I won a blue ribbon AND a check for $3.00 … a pretty good prize in 1961. Sure wish I had that skirt and a copy of my check! 
The fabric I used for my skirt is on a quilt block. The picture is from my pattern; these are my ribbons. 

In the late 60s I left a secretarial pool where I was failing miserably, floundered a bit, and ended up a nurse. This was by the grace of the good Lord, and the skin of my teeth, (and I mean that literally). I am so happy to say nursing allowed me to live in several States; I’ve worked in every imaginable area of nursing. The job I have now requires way less adrenaline than most jobs in my career and that’s a really good thing!

My favorite job during the first two decades of my nursing career: CareFlight Reno NV – that’s me kneeling in the center

It was world class health care, that brought me to TN.  I love TN but when it’s all said and done I intend to end up back in southern IN with the bones of my fore-fathers. My ancestors settled in southern IN in 1816. 

Speaking of bones, I have a deep appreciation for history and the artifacts of our past.  While living in Nevada I happened upon an opportunity, totally unrelated to nursing, that I am so very proud to have been a part of …sort of an art meets history, dream-come-true. The people and the story deserve their own post, and I might sometime, but for now here’s a peek.

My daughter is an actor; she lives with me.  We have two cats, and a stray on the porch. My niece, a college student, comes and goes (IN to TN, etc etc).  I am blessed, and the three of us love to celebrate our country roots:  the music, musicians, pig roasts, tractor pulls, truck pulls, hats, boots, rodeo, bull riding, all things pork, fresh tomatoes, corn, homemade jelly and green beans, (did I mention pork?), etc. etc.

Ls, Kels, me (daughter, niece, me)

Some how I ended up with my brother’s wagon (circa 1963 …it’s mine all mine now!). Over the years it’s been passed along and loved.  In the summer my wagon and I are always putter’n in the yard; I couldn’t live with it.  So there you have it, me and my little red wagon putter’n around blogland. Glad ya stopped by, ya’ll come back now ‘ya hear !! 


  1. Well Hello again~ what a darling picture of the three of you and I just know you are going to enjoy all our Blogland Fun! Hugs from Diane in California

  2. It is so wonderful to have another vintage crafter to share with...Enjoy.
    Smiles from Kansas...Renee