Saturday, February 7, 2015

For the love of "minis"

 My vision is failing me, I desperately need to visit the ophthalmologist.  My focus is less than ideal, I have ADD, therefore making miniatures should not be for me ... but I love "playing" with miniatures and have gotten hooked !  I see something and think "oh my that would be so cute in "mini".  

A while back I bought a 1/12 scale table and decided it needed to be decorated for Valentines Day, it's a work in progress and I am sure will be ever changing, but today I made a runner for my table and it was simple.  Here is a little tutorial if you want to make one. 

    Simple supplies: lace, ribbon, and stitch witchery
1. I cut two pieces of lace to fit my table, leaving a little to drape over the end.

2.  With my two pieces of lace laid side by side, flat sides together, I topped with a matching length of stitch witchery, topped with a piece of  seam binding (not pictured sorry).  This will be the back of your runner.  Then "bond" it together with an iron.    

It's a sandwich:  lace, stitch witchery, seam binding (or preferred ribbon).

3. Now for the top of your runner, flip your lace over and repeat the sandwich - adding your decorative ribbon last (on top) ... caution make sure your ribbon doesn't have an embellishment that will melt when the iron hits it !!  To solve my problem I laid a piece of fabric between the iron and ribbon and it worked on the second try !    
Here's my runner   The table is 5 3/4" long and depth is 2 1/2"
Last week I mailed my minis to Debby for the swap.  She is the host for the swap so she divides them up and sends them out.   I can't wait to get our packages, there are 19 of us in the swap ... SO excited 19 minis !   Thanks for visiting.  XO E 


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe you made those tiny little things! I just purchased furniture off of ebay for my Thriftstore Dollhouse! (I just love it) But, how in the world did you make these tiny things? Debby invited me to join the swap, but I have no clue how to make mini things. I just love your Valentine Table!

    1. I have gone off the deep end with mini making Haaa ! I love it and using every crafting skill I have ever learned join in we'd love the company ! E

  2. Very tedious but such a pleasure. Of all the things I can fend off about growing old I just can't seem to fight the weaker eyesight. But I still try. Lol

    1. Indeed a challenge for my vision, I am parked by the window squinting ! Enjoy your wkend with the girls and baby

  3. How much fun! I really am enjoying all your ideas!