Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter in the Hollow

Another Christmas has come and gone; all is well here.  The barn and the animals were decked for the Holiday, and the snow fell.  Work on the farm went on as usual. 

Of course Momma and the baby are always busy in the kitchen.  Valentines Day is coming up soon, and we are getting ready for a swap over at Club Mini Swap.  

Our mini's are all wrapped and ready to mail to Ms. Debby.  We made 19 minis related to Valentine's Day, and in turn we will get 19 minis back.  We love our mini's and can't wait to see what our fellow swappers made !  Kisses and XO  !!


  1. I just my miniatures too and I love seeing everyone playing on their blogs. I've been eagerly watching Debby's blog to see what everyone is creating. I haven't participated in this swap, but I just love decorating my dollhouses. Keep on playing!!

  2. Precious! The swap sounds so fun

  3. Hi, I need you to give me your address and email so I can figure postage for the lamp....sanjos333@gmail.com