Friday, October 5, 2012

Little Lamb

Hope you guys had a great summer; my summer was busy, busy.  If you had told me this time last year that I would help friends with 4 - FOUR - baby showers I would have said WHAT??!!  But last week there was, I hope, the last one for a while.  The parents did not want to know the gender, so Momma-to-be wanted a "gender neutral" baby shower.  Her dad raises sheep, so we decided this shower would be themed around “Little Lamb”.  We found this darling birthday party, and thought we might be able to make a similar cake. 

Let me say I DON’T cook, so I told my cousin having the shower that I would do the lamb, but she had to buy a cake … so she did.  
I played with fondant last year when I did my nieces shower so had about 15 minutes of experience and jumped in but do let me say that without my friend AMANDA I would never I attempted this ... thank heaven for Amanda :).  This recipe is so easy, and if I can do this, anyone can. You basically microwave marshmallows and add powdered sugar, knead into a ball, and you have  white fondant !!   To add color, I used the Wilton dyes found at Wal Mart.  Lesson learned here is that once a color is on your hands it sneaks into the next ball of color.  I used red dye for my pink fondant and holy cow what a mess I made !!

To form the body I made rice crispy treats and formed them into the shape.  For the head I put the RCT’s in a small baggy and formed into the shape of a head.  For the legs I made a log shape and once cooled, cut into legs.  

Then you ice over the RCT form with regular cake icing, (I think Duff Goldman calls this "dirty icing"), then cover the form with your sheet of fondant.  To roll fondant into a sheet, simply roll out like dough, using powdered sugar to prevent sticking.   

So here he is, and for the record, this guy looks huge, but actually fits on top of a 10 inch cake.  I don't like his pink muzzle, it's too thick.  I molded it into the white a bit by wetting my finger, also the curls are little rolls of fondant, fixed into place with a dab of water.  

So here he is all finished, perched on his “minky” pedestal 

And here are the two that started all this baby shower madness last October.  
These are my nieces twins, hard to believe it’s been almost a year !  He's thinking, "lets change the pistons in this thing", and she is thinking "these colors match my outfit nicely".  I have been absent for months, but read your blogs faithfully, life has been on hold, but what a joy these two are !!  

 Now it's time to do some Christmas crafting !!!   Thanks for stopping by, E


  1. I just found your sweet blog. Oh my gosh that is the cutest cake ever. You are so clever to use rice crispy treats for the body of that sweet little lamb. The twins are so cute. It is so hard to believe how fast they grow up. If we could just keep them little for just a little bit longer. I am your newest follower. Hope you are enjoying your week.

  2. It was so lovely to hear from you! Your cake has turned out so wonderfully! If I am ever asked to make one, this is it! Who knew about the marshmallows!
    I hope you will post a tutorial for your Santa houses. I have purchased a wooden shape, and it has sat all summer long! Again, you are too kind to think of making one for me. I look forward to it!
    Wishing you a wonderful fall! Elizabeth

  3. The little house is so cute. It looks like it was fun to make!
    Sampson and Lorrie