Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A twist on Christmas cards

I'd love to leave my Christmas decorations up all year, I never get tired of Christmas.  I'm not an early Christmas shopper, and don't like stores decorated for Christmas before Halloween, but always have Christmas on my mind.  Today Elizabeth posted a fabulous Christmas themed shadow box tutorial, and this reminded me of a shadow box gift I made for a co-worker last year and thought I'd share my idea with you.  

I love receiving the family photo type of Christmas cards and hate to throw them out.  Last year I ran across  photo cards that I had received the previous year and thought ... hummm I bet these would make a cute shadow box.  So I bought a small shadow box from Michael's, some elements, and paper, and put this little gift together for one of my co-workers, she was thrilled.  
The photo card I received was a collage; I cut the pics out, then embellished
(please excuse the weird edit)


Today I'm having a "barn raising" for someone special ... although I doubt she believes me (I've been telling her it was coming for months)  ... I promise it's really really coming  :) !!!

As always, thanks for stopping by, E

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  1. Your shadow box is so cute. Thank you for sharing a great idea. So glad you stopped by my blog. Thank you so much for the kind comment.