Saturday, June 30, 2012

Today I'm thinking about snow

I am in the house and  I refuse to leave !  Yesterday 109, same forecast for today. I prefer to think snow.  I am sorting and playing and found this card and thought you might enjoy seeing it.  

The little toys lift and the card unfolds

And  is the "Night Before Christmas" with the cutest images

I love all the folding cards I see around blogland don't you?   
Stay cool in this wicked heat, and thanks for stopping by,  E 


  1. Cute Christmas card and trinkets. Very cute Christmas houses in the last post.
    It's stinkin HOT here and I don't want to see the electric bill next month!
    Trying to keep Cool,
    deb :)

  2. cute! I'm all about cold weather. This heat is nuts! I'm so over it!

    stay cool, take it easy.

  3. Oh E! I am in love with your vintage Christmas house! I hope you do find the inspiration in this heat to make another. I must make one before the holiday. I loved your post about your childhood classmate. I think the most wonderful people come from the mid-west. I am so happy to live here now. So glad to have found you again, I've got your address copied now; so that I won't loose you again! Have a great 4th of July holiday with your family! Elizabeth

  4. So funny, Christmas in July, I had to check the date on the post! Cute vintage cards...I guess we are all dreaming of snow. Actually you are a lot warmer than here in Florida.


  5. Thanks everyone, so here we are dayssssss later and its still miserable ... thank heaven for functional A/C !!

  6. Back to thank you for letting me know about the Peppermint paper line. I took a look, very CUTE! Can't wait for Christmas crafting and trying to make your houses. Have a fun summer! Elizabeth

  7. What a great idea! I think I'll go look thru the vintage Christmas cards in my stash! It's only 95 here in MN!

  8. What a sweet card, I just love vintage cards! I noticed you posted the same card I did with the little lawn chair, I found it on Pinterest! It has been unbearable here in SC too. Have a great weekend, Nan

  9. Thank you so much for visiting my little blog and your kind comment! Love the card you've shared in this post, I've never seen one like it before, so darling.

    Hoping the heat has diminished for you!