Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's sit in the shade !

We’re having a heat wave here in TN, but I can’t complain given the horrific events in Colorado !  Prayers and more prayers to those folks and people with family and friends there. 

I'm still here and thank you to those who have checked in on me.  I am NOT, or ever will be a prolific blogger, but I am a prolific blog reader.  I subscribe to several blogs (embarrassed to tell you how many) and read my blog “subscriptions” like people used to read the daily newspaper.  I love my blog friends and all the fabulous-ness out there.  

So here is the scoop ...
I spend most of my time working, have a great job but have to drive a several hundred miles a week.  Wears these tired old bones out !!  There was the KY Derby, and while no one I know cares to go (it's a free for all), we do play dress up (yeah with our shorts and pearls), sing "My Old KY Home", have a cocktail, place our bets, and watch the race.
My best friend from grade school, me, and her mom (if she ever finds out I posted this I'm dead !)
My extra time has been spent in southern Indiana doing this (front porch sitting). I love to stare at the nothing-ness.  But  most of all I have been spending my time with these guys.
They'll soon to be 6 months, chubby little cherubs (I call them), slobbering, teeth about to pop through, sitting up, and think they will soon be crawling. They are really good babies. It's hard to believe that this time last year I was working on their baby shower.  Momma (my niece) has done really well working full time and caring for these sweeties.  She just started a new job as a CNA, and is resuming school in the fall working toward her nursing degree.  
Daughter update:
on set with BG

My daughter has been blessed to have "worked" (for actors a paid gig is a big deal)  with a number of really talented artists, and was cast a while back in a (recently released) music video with Brantley Gilbert. But while I loved her being able to "live her dream" of acting, one of the "job hazards" for her seemed to be musician co-workers, the “bad boy” drummer types, and Nashville TN seems to have an over abundance of bad boy drummers.  But about a year ago along came Graham (sorry no pics of Graham).   She and Graham will be moving in a couple weeks to Birmingham AL for his new job.  They are pretty much total opposites (right brain vs. left brain).  While I am not necessarily thrilled about the arrangement, I am thrilled she has a great guy, who plays music only for fun, and has a real job; this mother’s dream. 

So if I ever get around to crafting I will probably jump right into Christmas.  I did a couple of these for a swap last year, and they were fun to make, so I think I am going to make a few more.   

So thanks for stopping by, I love visitors.  Stay Cool, see you in a few weeks.  E  


  1. Those babies are adorable. They look so healthy. The little girl is so cute with all her chubbiness.
    Your daughter is pretty. They never seem to take the path we think they will do. Glad she isn't with the bad boy drummers, hah,
    Those houses you made last year were so adorable. It might make you feel cooler to make them now. I love to watch movies with snow in them when it is hot out. I know, I am weird. Have a nice week-end.

  2. Thanks Debby ... and I am playing with Christmas things today :)