Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

My daughter and I celebrated Mother's Day yesterday at Madison Creek Farm near Nashville.
I discovered them a couple years ago and buy fresh produce there spring through fall.  Yesterday morning Peggy (owner) had a jam workshop and demonstrated making strawberry jam with hand picked strawberries, fresh from the field !  We had a jam tasting with the fresh jam and two other flavor jams she made on fresh biscuits (yum).  Peggy makes a "carrot cake jam" that's really tasty, says she likes it on fried pork chops ... jam and pork chops oh my !!
 (Peggy with CSA family)
Oh the smell of her kitchen as those berries cooked !!  We all left with a jar of jam; mine remained unopened for about 3 hours :)  I 'd like to keep it around just to smell.  Oh my the memories smell can evoke; It was a good mother - daughter day for many reasons, hope you had a good day with your family !   Elaine


  1. Sounds like a fun thing to do. Happy Mothers Day.

  2. Happy you got to have a great celebration with your daughter! I love being the mother of a daughter, she truly is my very best friend!
    take care elaine!!!


  3. That sounds like a perfect day! Oh, I can taste that jam!


  4. What a fun event to go to! I've only had jam from a store... I betcha fresh jam has a different taste... I must try some one of these days lol

  5. A belated Happy Mother's Day to you! I am so slow in visiting, but the wishes are meant for the entire year! Elizabeth

  6. Hello E! I wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog! You are a no reply blogger; in your PROFILE you have the option to make your e-mail visible. I set up a Gmail just for my blog and made that one visible so folks can write back...

    Thanks for the kind words, I'll be showing a few more patriotic crafts thru June and July!


  7. What a fun Mother's Day for mom and daughter!

  8. I hope you see this. It has been a long time that you have posted. Is everything okay.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I had to post something happy. Every time I saw my post about Jacob I cried. So sad. It is amazing how you can care for another person and their families through blogging.