Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another baby shower for multiples

I am so happy for Emily and her family. Emily is our Administrative Assistant, and a mighty fine one at that.  Emily has two kids, a son and daughter.  This past Christmas she learned that both were expecting. Then came the shocker that her daughter-in-law was having triplets (2 girls, and a boy) !!! Four grandchildren within two weeks!  Joy soon turned to sadness in mid January when her son was diagnosed with bladder cancer and told given the site of the tumor, it would be unlikely he would be alive more than 3 years.  This was her son's third (THIRD) cancer diagnosis.  He is 32 and previously treated for bone and lung cancer.  Fortunately her son was under the care of a world renowned bladder cancer expert (as in co-wrote the textbooks), who chose to wait for a second biopsy before beginning treatment, and when the pathology came back on the second biopsy it was negative, NO, abnormal cells.  Biopsy clear, all labs clear, all CTs, PET scans, MRIs, you name it they did it clear.  What can you say but "God is good"  !!  So, the shower for the triplets is next week.  The theme is Dr. Seuss, and they wanted a Thing 1-2-3.  Emily asked me to help, and gladly doing what she needs. I had to create the image of Thing 1-2-3, and then used it for a framed picture with the wording below. I made labels for bottled water, favor tags, and a banner.  
Here are a couple things I learned doing this.  First I learned to make a collage of images using  PicMonkey, I know some of you (Viv) know about this, but if you don't, you must check it out, it's another of the many ways to spend your time :)  About the quality of the above, "you get out what you put in" and the quality is my "doings" not PicMonkey's ... these are cell phone pics.   

I also learned to take an online fabric swatch and turn it into paper. I wanted paper with this image, and couldn't find it, so I  took the image (a jpg) copied into "word" and played with it until I had what I needed and printed onto card stock.  Who knew?  This worked in a pinch for this project but certainly won't replace the quality you get with the "real deal".    
The triplets and cancer certainly could have overshadowed Emily's daughters pregnancy and associated joy, but Emily has worked very hard to keep the focus equal.  Her daughter's shower is June 10th; her theme is pending, but most likely "Lil Monster", she is having a boy. I look forward to helping her with that one too.  

If you missed Viv's Dr. Seuss shower, do stop by, it is really really cute !  

Update on our multiples (Adeleigh and Weston):  They're just not so sure about this cereal thing but are almost 5 months, and 16 lbs, so not going hungry !! 

Thanks for stopping by, E


  1. Oh goodness, I was just devastated to read the beginning of your post and rejoicing by the end! I believe in miracles. What a special time for that family and the theme you are helping with is fabulous!


  2. Praise God for his good health. Will keep him in our thoughts and prayers...he needs to live to help and enjoy those new little ones coming!!

    Your two have really grown...they are adorable!!

    Hugs from Texas...Cindy

  3. Oh my gosh! What a scare! It must feel like he has been given a new life (more than once). Hope the roller coaster stays on the upswing now. You do great work!

  4. What a roller coaster! so happy that the cancer scare was not what it seemed! Hoping for the best for everyone!
    Triplets? a single? what blessings!

    Adeleigh and Weston are soooo sweet! :)