Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easter swap regret

Thanks to Elizabeth for the image

Hang on, hang on ... the only regret is that I didn't participate in an Easter swap this year.  The main reason I started a blog was to swap and share with crafty girls in blogland !   I found blogging through Elizabeth at Creative Breathing, I remember reading about her fear of disappointing (no way Elizabeth !!)  But I understand and let the same concern hold me back.  It takes me forever to gather my thoughts and then get my "crafty" on ... I get so aggravated with myself that at times I'll blurt "JUST DO IT for gosh sake" !!   So all that to say, I love the thought of the swaps, love looking at all that is shared, and envy the wonderful goodies I see.  I'll hop into another one soon, however the moon and stars have to be perfectly aligned  :)   

Here's the hand made goodies I made for my swap partner for Sandy's Easter Swap last year. 

Today I'm playing with this stuff ... think I'm positioned to make a spectacular mess !!  Anyone have experience with this?  I am trying to use it with plastic candy molds (?) all suggestions welcome !  Thanks for visiting, E


  1. You are a wonderful person to swap with.....I know from experience. I will swap with you anytime.
    I miss E. don't you? Have you heard from her. I sent her an email but no reply yet. Wonder how she is doing.
    Love the goodies you made last year.

  2. Darling swap gift you made for last years swap. I didn't do any Easter swaps this year either...a little sad that I didn't. Maybe there will be a spring one. Seems like there is a swap for each season or more.

  3. I haven't done a swap in a long time. I get so excited when I first join, procrastinate forever, then panic, then get mad at myself, lol. Maybe we should plan something for the Fourth of July, that would give us 3 months, of course I would probably wait till the end of June anyway, LOL!
    PS, the swap gifts you make last year are wonderful!

  4. Love those pieces you made for last years easter! I would be happy if I had you for a partner sometime. I see NanE above thinking about swaps too. I find I have the most interesting pieces of art and holiday decorations due to swaps I've done with other artsy fartsy girls. maybe I will host a 4th of july swap!
    have a great week!!