Friday, March 23, 2012

Here comes Peter Cottontail

I'm so happy Spring is here; a few days this week it's been down right hot !  Yesterday I had to rise'n shine at the crack of dawn but today I have Spring fever and taking a break. It's a challenge for me to change decor for each season, and more so being scattered between two States.  But I've picked a corner to decorate and today I'm playing.  

I found a few vintage goodies a while back, and paired them with a few new goodies and put them together in my little spot. 

 I think I might play in another corner tomorrow !  
Happy Spring everyone :)



  1. Holy cow, there is so much cuteness going on here! I LOVE that little centerpiece with the boy in his straw hat. And all the chicks in the dye box, girl, you've got your Easter cute on for sure! Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

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  3. LOVE the Little Peeps box! Very sweet Easter vignette! The vintage things are just so charming!

  4. Thanks girls ! The centerpiece is as cute closed as open, I'll take a pic and post some time.