Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dilly Dallying with Paper Doilies

Don’t you love this Christmas swag that Vicki made ?  When I spotted it on her blog  I knew I'd have to try making one sometime. 
It's made with supplies from a kit here (love their stuff).  The center doily grabbed my eye; I don't think I've ever seen a printed doily ??  I wondered if it was printed or stamped.  I decided I would give printing a go since I am not taken with my stamping skills.  Here is what I came up with …after more than one attempt J.  This digital thing may be basic for most folks but not here in the “Hollow! 

I found an image copied it into Word, adjusted the image size, then simply repeated pasting the image onto the page.  Then the real fun started.  At best I abhor my printer … I’m sure it’s me but we always disagree - sometimes it gets really nasty where there is a globing of paper and sometimes even cursing is involved – anyway … I ended up taping the doily onto the page using painter’s masking tape (the blue tape that peels off easily).  I found that placement of the doily on the page was important; the doily needs an inch or so below the edge or else as the paper feeds the printer (at least mine) eats the edge of the doily. I also found that securing tape under the doily in the center is a delicate operation (it tears). So here is what I ended up with. 

Now secure in my doily printing skills (and about 3 hrs into it) I did another doily using vintage Christmas paper wrap from here -  I've become a doily printing fool.  
On another note I made myself a Hippo under glass vignette for Christmas, the best $1 I've spent in a while (Dollar Tree hippo)  makes me smile every time I look at him J


  1. Love the hippo! Boy, those doilies are something! That sounds like something I'd try & the 3 hours about how long it would take me too. But you got some great results! Thanks for the tips! I think I've seen Christmas patterned doilies before, but maybe not recently. If I get brave I'll try this, but my printer is a bit touchy too. I bought some of the fabric sheets to try, but haven't got my nerve up yet!

  2. Oh... HOW FUN! Your entire blog! I will defiantly be back.. I totally enjoyed it! LOVE you're doilies!

  3. Love the little Hippo!! Those paper crafts are so cute..I haven't seen printed doileys in forever.

    Your package arrived...I is adorable...I have been wanting to make a wooden town forever...we love working with wood. Did you design it yourself. Girl you could sell these!!!! I am taking pictures and posting tomorrow...see if you can see where I put her.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham