Sunday, December 11, 2011

Look whats new on the farm !!


Adeleigh and Weston arrived Friday afternoon, 4 weeks early but doing well. Mom did fantastic !!  Almost immediately after delivery they were placed skin-to-skin with mom and left there for about an hour to bond.  So fun to watch them during the first few minutes of life what a miracle !!  God is amazing !!   

Adeleigh Grace 4lbs 15 oz -18 inches long

Weston Hoyt 4lb 7.5 oz - 19 inches long

If the weekend is any indication of the next few years, their feet will not hit the floor until they're simply too heavy to lug around. I'll likely be posting more pics over the next few years  :)  

Thanks for stopping by, E


  1. Congratulations
    Auntie. They are so sweet. Their weight is really good for being a month early. So glad all is well. Have fun spoiling them.

  2. Well, look at that, what a fun crazy Christmas you will have...tooo cute, congratulations. I am so glad to hear "You get" my wedding dresses, that is why I love to blog!

    Merry Christmas to your huge new family! Have tons of fun and take tons of pictures