Tuesday, September 13, 2016

WIP: Gift in progress

I have been making minis for a couple years and have 
found much inspiration from Joann Swanson's blog.  
I saw the tutorial above and was inspired to use some of her 
tutorials to make a gift for someone who loves Halloween.  
I bought a faux book, and intend this a piece to be used 
both to display the scene as well as to store the minis inside when not in use.  
This is where I am headed, but make changes every day, 
and sometimes every time I pass by!!
I found this gnarly dog and felt he needed a nice collar 
and a little something to eat so I made him a hand to gnaw on. 
We will have games to play.  This game image is all over pinterest.  I copied, 
sized, and printed, all in MS Word.  I do everything in MS Word
or MS Publisher.  I have limited skills :)
I am not a Ouija person but the person I making this 
for is so we must have a Ouija Board
 There are lots of books.  All are made from images found on pinterest, 
none of these books open. 
There are lots of anatomical charts scattered about our room.
 Mr. Skellie is reading the NY Times, wearing his fluffy slippers, and 
resting his feet on an ottoman I made with a matchbox; 
the feet of the ottoman are tiny skeletons.  
I bought the chair from Alpha Stamps.
 Mr. Skellie has a pet crow sitting over his shoulder.
 There will be a side table next to Mr. Skellie's chair.  I dressed the table, 
and on top is a skelton candle holder, a crystal ball, and a "shrunken head".
I'm loving the "shrunken head" in a tiny jar resting on stacked books. 
This was fun to make and my first ... very first ... 
attempt at polymer clay ... why???  It's fun !!
Mr. Skellie will have a snack that will rest on his ottoman.  I made the drink, cupcake,
and napkin; the tray is a button.  There is much work to be done here!!  
the inside of the "book" has a hutch filled with potions, books, 
owl bookends, a dish, and an hourglass. 
On top is a gargoyle, a candelabra, and a jar
filled with "eyeballs" 
Above the hutch there is a friend of Mr. Skellie's floating into the 
room from the framed mirror.  A fun project with much left to do.  
I can't decide what to do with the interior walls and floor ?? ... decisions decisions.
Thanks for stopping by.  E