Sunday, April 24, 2016

Excitement in the 'Hollow

The Bushytail's have been very busy getting ready for summer.  They found a great deal on a new/old camper; today Mr. Bushytail went to pick it up.  Mrs. Bushytail took advantage of the sunny day and took baby to the beach with friends.  
Mr Bushytail sent a picture of the camper, he says it needs a bit of refurbishing but believes he can have it ready for the July 4th holiday.

THE really BIG news here at Honeysuckle Hollow is the arrival of my first grand-baby to my daughter, Laura and her husband Graham.  
On March 25th we welcomed our new "mini" Hudson weighing 7lb 7oz, 20 inches.  
All are doing well and baby Hudson is "perfect" !!   
He is the first grandbaby on either side of the family 
so will be appropriately loved on and spoiled rotten!
Getting back to Mrs Bushytail, you may have noticed her accent table ...
It is 2" tall, the top is 2.25" and the base 2".
The seahorses were cut using a Silhouette and are about 1.75"
The items on top the table were also handmade, except the starfish, its a sticker.  
The "fruity coconut drink" is paper clay
 with paper flower and umbrella.  It was made with wire and tissue paper, 
the pink "straw" is also wire.  
The SL magazine is made from a scan of the "real thing"
the sunglasses ... holy moly the sun glasses  
I'm not sure I would ever mass produce these suckers again!!  
They were cut using the Silhouette BUT it is not designed for tiny intricate 
work so I destroyed several in the process. 
The lenses were glazed with "Glossy Accents".  
This touch really did make them appear very realistic. 

Again thanks for stopping by I am always happy to have visitors!  Hugs, E


  1. Oh I am so happy to see this cheery and beachy post! You are just so creative! I love the camper and truck! Oh my gosh sooooooooo cute! And those sunglasses, my goodness! Itty-bitty! I recently got some "china" for my doll house from Michaels. There is a cute set of jewelry for a bracelet that is in the jewelry dept. have you seen them?

    1. Hi Patti good to "see ya" :) Hope all is well I have been terribly distracted with all the new baby business so haven't read my fav blogs lately Someone told me about the china jewlery but haven't made it there either but I am hoping to get there soon. I think the Bushytails might have a Fireworks stand for the 4th so stay tuned E

  2. I love seeing those tiny creations! the bushtail kind and the little human kind! lol! congrats on that sweet new baby! he is adorable! let the spoiling begin! Enjoy!!

  3. Thx Viv I have been watching you play with yours for a while now I intend to have as much fun as you do ! What a blessing are the "Grands"!!?

  4. I'm back for a second look at your cute post. Seeing your sweet gbaby Hudson gives me a grama-ache for my sweet grandkids. I will see them this summer. ENJOY your baby time sweet E - I know you will.