Sunday, March 8, 2015

Good Bye Snow - Welcome Spring !!

The Bushytails had a great Valentine's Day and the exchange of mini's with the facebook ladies at Club Mini Swap USA was great !   18 small packages arrived and what fun to open each tiny delight, each obviously made with love ! 
The Bushytails and I formed a production line and made 18 Kissing Booths 
with tiny tickets in an envelope.  The picture on the end is of all the fun pkgs we received. 

Mrs Bushytail is ready to get on with Easter !
We have been working on some new minis and the learning curve is steep for one of us. 
The bunny in the basket has a 1/8th inch ribbon on his neck and the basket was formed over the top of a glue stick to give you an idea of its size.  The bunny and eggs are paper clay - (oh how I miss E and her paper clay creations!) 
 On the white plastic spoon is a tree made from bump chenille, painted green, decorated with tiny pieces of pom pom and seed pearls. Also the "chocolate" duck is paper clay.  The chick on top of the spoon is made from pom poms and a there is a tiny peep on the spoon handle - its tiny tiny ( mad with puffy paint)  
The inspiration for the church came from, of course, my love of all things Christmas.  I tried cutting it out with my Silhouette, there were lots of detailed cuts in the file and the machine ate the paper so I modified and added my own detail.  Most of the pieces on the church were cut using hand held paper punches.
Now I am loving these dishes but oh my gosh don't you just love how a photograph  highlights all your errors !!! Looks like I need some of those magnifying loopy things they use in the operating room!  If you are looking for tutorials for mini making visit   She has a ton of tutorials (my Easter basket above was made using her tutorial).   Have a good week and thx for stopping by !  XO E