Sunday, December 6, 2015

Instead of using a pre-made wreath I used the stems below to make mine 
To form the wreath I use a bottle (puffy paint), wrap the stem around the bottle, cut, and fold over a bit to secure, I added glue too.  
The first step was adding the loops of gold cord
Then I decorated using beads, glitter stars, and tinsel garland.  I cut the beads from this pick and the tinsel is larger than a plain chenille stem, hand punched glitter stars 
The House: 
The foam board shape is cut to fit into the wreath, and painted. When dried I cut out a door and window and glued them on.  The wreath above the door is made from twine.  I didn’t have green twine, so I painted the twine with acrylic paint, curled it around a regular tooth pick to dry; when it was dry I cut and glued the ends together.  The bow on the wreath is embroidery thread.  The roof is paper cut to fit, glued on and white puffy paint added for snow, then glittered. The door knob is a gold seed bead.  Final touch is the ribbon, mine is red, 1/8th inch grosgrain. 
Glue the house inside the wreath and your finished ... not a quick project but fun 
end product !

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  1. Oh so cute! I do love these little tutorials. Thank you!