Tuesday, February 5, 2013

To my Valentine

I am really loving all the Valentine crafts and colors in blogland, and I am back to share what I received from my swap partner Chris.

She told me she was deviating a bit from the "rules" of Erica's swap 
She made this plaque for ME ... isn't it beautiful  !
So many layers, and colors, and details details details ... I love it Chris !!  
The words make you want to break out in song   :)

and she sent me a box of chocolates (long since gone)
decorated so cute ... love the cotton fringe !!
 and she included a bag FULL of all sorts of goodies !!  
Chris for such a thoughtful Valentine creation and all the goodies ...
 and thank you Erica for hosting the swap !!
Chris has posted my gifts to her on her page so stop by and visit !  


  1. That was a great swap and it's all GOOD!

  2. Can you believe how talented Chris is with her art? That collage is so pretty! And what a great batch of crafting supplies, not to mention the super cute box that they came in!
    I hope people will click on the LINK TO CHRIS ABOVE that you added, and follow her! She's really great. :)
    Elaine, thank you so much for joining my swap! I sure hope you had fun.

  3. Your swap from Chris is so fun and creative. And all the goodies...Yeah! I have really enjoyed seeing all the swaps, too - and being a part of one has been wonderful. Hugs, Patti

  4. Awww... You and Erica are so nice. I'm really glad you liked the collage, I was a little nervous about sending it. I have my school room valentines hanging over my desk so I can see it and smile. Your class photo reminds me of when I was in 2nd grade,my teacher was Sister Mary and my best friend was Rose.
    Chris =]