Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Speaking of Love

Continuing on with my previous post saga about found “treasures” here is something else I found when I was digging in the basement. 

This toy is a “Red Raven movie record” produced by Morgan Development Laboratories, Inc. Westport, Connecticut. The "band" is listed as "Red Raven Orchestra" Directed by George S. Chase. As I understand this toy was produced from 1956-61(here’s a link

The record plays at 78 rpm and as the record turns the images reflect off the mirror, bringing the sweet little images to life.  I loved “Toot Toot Tootles the Tugboat”, and “The Little White Duck”. I was thrilled when I found this video

wow the memories came flooding back !!  This is one of my all time favorite toys.  Sadly my mirror is long gone but you can bet I am on the look out for one now that I’ve found my records J  Anyone else remember these? 

So happy that my first link to Rednesday is my favorite toy … thanks  to Sue at It's a Very Cherry World


  1. Ive never seen one of those.. how stinking cool! what a neat little treasure.

  2. Do you have a record player? :)


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    1. I sure don't ... I do remember the one I played with started shocking me eeeek so it went away :)

  3. Whoa! What a treasure! I should go look in MY basement! ;)

  4. Delightful! No I haven't seen one of these.

  5. I think I have the Toot Toot tootles record! How wonderful to see your fun post and have the links! Sweet memories! ♥

  6. I didn't know about these until recently when the Mister discovered them and started collecting them - both the records and the mirrors. They're so captivating to watch and pretty on their own. I've been meaning to do a blog post about them and this is a good reminder. You can get the mirrors pretty constantly on eBay. If you go for one that isn't in perfect shape, the prices aren't usually too bad.

  7. This is a new one to me! I love the way the tugboats move in the water -- fabulous find!
    (popping in from Rednesday)

  8. Oh my gosh, that is so much fun! Never seen anything like that before, thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    Happy Rednesday!

  9. My word if you keep digging you may find a gold mine. What great treasures you have found.

  10. Thanks everyone glad you enjoyed it. Finding the pieces to make this thing work may be my new adventure :)

  11. That is the coolest toy ever! I have never seen one like it. Hope you can find your mirror. I love the graphics on the record.


  12. Hi! Thank you so much for pinning my advent tree :) I am glad I found your blog and the cool stuff you have found and made.


  13. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to "meet" you, and visit your lovely blog. I can see we have a lot in common. I'll be a repeat visitor, for sure. Maybe someday you'll post a pic of your Eiffel Tower lamp....

  14. Oh what a great record, oh I wish I had saved my records. I have never heard of one that reflected...toooo cool! Thank you for attending the dress form ball even if you are watching from behind the well manicured hedges LOL!


  15. Tootles was my favorite song. I still sing it on occasion...in private of course, haha. Thanks for the video. This was one of my favorite childhood toys.