Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good Bye Summer !

Where did it go? Is September really a few days away?  Boy does time fly!  I spent my summer visiting in blog land, and working, it’s our “busy” season.  But mostly I’ve been consumed (that’s the best description) with planning a baby shower for my niece. 

As you might guess my idea of a cute baby shower involves pink, blue, ruffles, lace …. Ahhh what a dream to play with these colors and textures… but my niece is not a pink and lace kind’a girl, so she requested John Deere green and yellow!  What !  Yep you got it.  I begged for, and was granted a little creative flexibility and think she’s going to be pretty happy with her shower.  Here is the invitation she chose from Little Bees Graphics ; I took off from there. 


I want her to be happy with the outcome, and so I’ve gotten her “OK” on some of my decisions, but she has no clue what the final look will be.  I added red and blue to the plan, and using the farm characters and accessories from Fisher Prices “Little People” – this is one of the pieces I’m using
 When I started looking for inspiration there were limited farm theme parties (beyond John Deere) but in the last week there seems to be an explosion of them on event planning blogs, but no “Little People” yet J  I can’t wait to show you what I came up with... however, my camera and I are currently NOT on speaking terms so I’m afraid a picture of my diaper cakes (I made 5 for centerpieces) will have to wait, but I love them.  Stay tuned, once the camera and I have resolved our differences I’ll be back.  
Have a safe and happy Labor Day !   E   


  1. This looks like such fun. I have the best photos of my kids on the tractors real and play. Doesn't get better than little people. Best of luck with your camera...they have a mind of their own. Smiles...renee

  2. Love the farm theme! Can't wait to see your pictures!