Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sadie Mae !

Look who arrived in TN!  It’s our traveling guest Sadie Mae Tejas from the great State of Texas.  Welcome Sadie Mae let’s visit TN  !!

Sadie is a “friendship bag” and began her travels with Cindy of Rick Rack and Gingham (read about how she came to be here) .  So Cindy, with her big Texas heart, offered to share Sadie as a “friendship bag” with blogger friends all over the US.  Along the way Sadie is gathering postcards, recipes, and souvenirs.  Late in the summer Sadie will complete her travels at the home of Cindy’s friend in AL who tragically lost her husband in the terrible tornadoes this past spring. It’s my hope that Cindy’s friend will find comfort in the “friendship” shared, and in knowing there are several folks across our great country who hold her and her family in their thoughts and prayers. 

Sadie appears to be having a grand time visiting everyone!   Sadie Mae arrived in TN after spending a few days in NE with Michaele and her family (Sprout’n Wings ).  Wow looks like Sadie really had a good time out on the great prairie! Visit Michaele to read all about it.

Here in TN Sadie and friends were busy. They arrived in White House, no not that one, the tiny town of White House in TN J  and for an introduction to the local history, our first stop was our cute cute little White House Museum.
Here they learned about our past economy which includes a mill and the moonshine industry (it’s TN). 

Then they sat in a tiny little antique rocking chair, played school on an old school desk

and read Jack and Jill Magazines, but their favorite was the sewing machine. They were so excited they jumped right up on it!  Said they felt connected with their past, and said “if it wasn't for nice folks with sewing machines we’d probably be a heap of folded fabric in someone’s closet” (like at my house). 

On Saturday we headed to Chapel Hill TN for the 34th annual “Super Pull of the South”. .  This event is sanctioned by the National Tractor Pulling Association and draws the top “pullers”. There is over $100,000.00 in prize money.  If you've never been to a “pull” (tractors and trucks) it’s an event to behold !  “Pulls” have been around for years and over time have evolved into a sport with unbelievably powerful equipment.  These tractors “ain’t ‘chur grandpa’s tractor”, some of these things have multiple engines; some even have aircraft engines. The goal is to see who can pull a “weighted sleigh” the longest distance down a dirt track.  I’m not sure I “get it”, but we go with my cousin and her husband every year and oh what fun!!  The population of Chapel Hill TN is 994…there were 15,000 (thousand) fans at Saturday’s event !!

Our first stop was at Henry Horton State Park where we spent the night.  Then off to the”pulls” Sadie and friends really had a good time watching the roaring machines and visiting with the “pullers”. 

The pullers were very excited to meet Sadie and friends and posed with the pups for pics (the guys feared their masculine image would be damaged seemed bashful with Sadie so Sadie took the photos).   Here is Jim Holman, from OH who was thrilled to meet them; his team won their class.
They met the American Thunder team, and driver Bill Vories.  Their machine has 4 engines, and won their class.  Fun to see the big guys with these little pups !  As you might imagine there was a little friendly bantering between “boys” during the “meet and greet” J
They also met Miss Chapel Hill 2011…isn’t she cute in her tiara and cowboy boots?
…and watched really big, really loud, smoke spitt’n tractors, roar’n toward them.  We had great seats at the end of the track with the pullers and their families.
Sadie was content to stay in the bleachers but the pups got sooo excited they hopped on the barrier in front of the stands and sat next to the track officials to watch ! 
 The folks in TN sure gave Sadie and friends a warm southern welcome but it’s  time to send Sadie and friends off to OH to visit with Debby and her family.

So long guys keep in touch … ya’ll are welcome to visit anytime!!       Hugs,  E in TN (pls forgive errors in post took me hrs to get it done with computer issues !!)


  1. Wow, no wonder Sadie Mae and the pups are so tired. How did you ever get these people to pose with her.
    Not sure what we will be doing but hope they have a good time. Thanks again for my goodies.

  2. you!!! What fun y'all had. You really entertained her well!! Now I know why they were tired when the got to Debby' Those pups sure will have a lot of stories to tell Debby's dogs!!

    My husband took me to our first tractor pull in 1975...back then they were in fields during the 4th of July. Loud!!

    Thank you so much for doing this!!

    Hus and squeezes from Texas...Cindy -Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. E...this is the cutest post. Claire and I had a ball reading it. How cute! Just the sweetest idea ever...thanks to Miss Cindy for having us along for the ride...smiles...Renee

  4. the friendship bag sounds like a great idea! ;)
    love the tiara and the cowboy boots, no, really I do! no kidding!

  5. Thanks guys, this was a blast ! Renee so glad you and Claire enjoyed reading about our adventure, hope our little group of blog friends inspire the next generation to keep "playing" :)