Sunday, August 20, 2017

Tutorial - tights for 18 inch doll

Using a pair of ladies knee socks from the Dollar Tree I made these tights in about 30 min. 

The technique you use I think depends on the sock design for mine I used both  socks.  

To determine how long they needed to be I  held the sock up to the doll and held the sock in place as I wanted the knitted band for my bottom hem, and measured up the doll to allow for a the waist band... I allowed 1/2 to fold over and then cut for lengh  My cut was about 3 inches from the heel of the sock

Then I measure for the front seam from the dolls waist to her crotch ... on mine this was 3.5 inches.

I sewed a seam from the waist to the 3.5 inch mark  - done for both pieces front and back

I folded my waist band over .5 inch and stitched it 

Then join front to back  

matching crotch and legs/front to back stitch along entire inside leg seam 

No hem needed as I used the pink knit band on the sock as my hem ...
tights for ONE dollar !!

 Pixie Faire has great
 patterns and tutorials !!

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